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Financial Residency

Dec 28, 2020

It’s important to understand the difference between asset location strategy and asset allocation strategy. Coming up with a good asset location strategy starts with understanding how different asset classes are taxed. Ryan nerds out a bit here, so be warned that you’re likely to learn quite a bit you didn’t know...

Dec 23, 2020

Ryan and John McCarthy, CPA extraordinaire, break down everything you need to know about the 5000+ page bill that just passed for a new stimulus package. Hear from the financial professionals how much you’ll be potentially receiving this time around and how this package will be the same and different. 

Dec 21, 2020

Ryan and Taylor revisit some of their life planning by working through a new exercise called the airport test. Unfiltered and unrehearsed, see how these conversations can take place, the framework of the exercise and how it will not only help your finances but probably improve your marriage as well. Because let's be...

Dec 14, 2020

Insurance is like hedging your bets against the gamble of life. Physicians (my wife included!) are constantly pitched products like whole life insurance. I just couldn’t take it anymore so am listing out some of the most common lies that you will hear whole life insurance agents say.

If you need insurance coverage...

Dec 7, 2020

Back by popular demand, Taylor joins Ryan on the show to discuss some tips on how to plan for the holidays from a financial standpoint. This isn't just your save all year or don't buy anyone gifts type message, there are some real actionable tips to rock the holidays (even if you forgot to plan ahead!)

PS: Taylor said...