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Financial Residency

Jan 27, 2020

New year, new you, new way of handling your finances? That's cool unless you have no clue where to start. Here are a few tips to get you smooth sailing through 2020.

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Jan 20, 2020

The word hope sounds great, doesn’t it? Even though hope is awesome to have, it doesn’t drive the action behind completing a goal. Action is what we do and it’s what we don’t do, but happiness, fear, and the topic of this show, hope… are all feelings. 

Feelings, while amazing at constructing sporadic...

Jan 13, 2020

Getting organized is like doing a work up. You can't help your patients without doing an assessment, lab work, and following up. The same goes with your finances. There is much you should do to get those in order... it begins with getting organized. 

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Jan 8, 2020

The Physician Philosopher and I are diving into how to batch your personal finances so that you get the biggest bang for your buck while limiting the amount of time you need to put into it.

Financial planning shouldn’t be something you dread doing or something that takes you so much time that you can’t enjoy life.


Jan 6, 2020

This host of the amazing, award-winning Afford Anything Podcast is well known for her real estate ventures and coaching in that space, but I love the other side that we don’t get to see as much of, and that is her philosophies around why we do the things we do. So excited to bring on Paula Pant.

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