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Financial Residency

May 24, 2021

Ryan has invited the one and only John McCarthy today to run down all the information you need to know about the unsexy side of Real Estate...taxes. So if you're ready to dive head first into real estate after the past couple of episodes, make sure you listen to this episode to make sure you don't get in trouble with...

May 18, 2021

Ryan invited on physician and real estate syndicator Dr Cathy Carroll to do a deep dive in the pros and cons of investing in real estate via syndications. By the end of this show you will know if real estate investing belongs in your portfolio or not. Comment in the community chat

May 3, 2021

Ryan has received a ton of emails in the past couple of months about Real Estate. So he's taking the month of May to do a deep dive on Real Estate for everyone. If you've ever reached out to Ryan with questions about real estate then your question will most likely be answered this month (Unless you asked if it's a good...