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Financial Residency

Nov 27, 2017

We talk about what behaviors and steps you can take today to reach an early retirement. One day you will realize that work is optional, and you will be able to build a life around your personal interests and passions. 

Physician on Fire joined me to talk about becoming Financially Independent & Retiring Early...

Nov 21, 2017

Have a question that’s keeping you up at night? Today I answer 5 listener questions out of many amazing questions that I think will really help build a foundation of finance knowledge that will help you take control over your finances and set you down the right financial path.

1. Should I pay off my home loan...

Nov 13, 2017

We discuss crowd funding, real estate investing and different ways you can use a medical degree to earn extra income. 

Passive Income MD shares his own story on how he got started and what he has learned from his first real estate investment. He also gives advice on how to manage a busy schedule while maintaining...