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Financial Residency

Sep 25, 2018

We are covering how physicians can invest in real estate and ensure their return is worth it!

Bringing his “giant list of 16” on investing in real estate, Dr. Peter Kim curates the conversation by laying out realistic and rewarding ways to bring more money into the pockets of hard working physicians.

Take control of...

Sep 18, 2018

We are turning the dreaded B-word into the much anticipated F-word… (oh wait – that sounds bad).

Andy Hill is here talking budgets and financial freedom. In this very wholesome episode, we bring up the expenses that tend to creep up on our families, money talks with our spouses, and “brainwashing” the kids to do...

Sep 14, 2018

Your finances are dependent on your actions and those actions are dependent upon the knowledge you acquire.

White Coat Investor brings this concept to us in the form of his notable “Live Like a Resident” philosophy—which most of us find really hard to do.

Listen how living like a resident will do you more good...

Sep 12, 2018

Jumpstart your Financial Residency in 14 days? PT Money is in the house and he is here to show us how it's done! PT, aka Philip Taylor, is not your average blogger. He’s more like your ultimate money nerd with a gold chain and in this episode, he shows us why!

Jump start your financial residency with these free...

Sep 10, 2018

With his wife being a pediatrician and with twins rummaging around, Joe Saul-Sehy is the perfect person to talk pinching pennies for the sake of stretching your stash.

A big deal in the world of finance, Joe Saul-Sehy of the Stacking Benjamins show joins me for this insightful episode!

Jump start your financial...