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Financial Residency

Jun 29, 2020

Financial advisors are the least trusted professional in the finance industry. Why is that? It has to do with their conflicts of interest. Some of you don't know, I'm a fee only financial planner and it IS my full time job. I do it every day, all day. That's why I offer this information to protect you from those without...

Jun 22, 2020

Most of you know the basics of establishing a budget if you didn’t already have one or sorting out your student debt repayments. What else needs to happen as part of your post graduation plan? Stay tuned to find out.

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Jun 15, 2020

Maintaining work–life balance as a physician necessitates learning how to improve efficiency and effectively manage the limited resource of available time. Dr. Phil Boucher of the Private Practice Matters Podcast shares how other physicians can be intentional with their time to reduce burnout and simply...

Jun 8, 2020

Ever wonder what it takes to generate passive income with real estate? Cathy Carroll, MD, CFP, gives us her take with these 3 ways to invest.

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Jun 1, 2020

Semi-Retired MD's, Leti and Kenji, are absolutely on FIRE... FAST FIRE, that is. Having achieved financial independence in a relatively short period of time, they discuss how they did it with REPS (Real Estate Professional Status) and how they teach other physicians and high income professionals to do the...