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Financial Residency

Dec 11, 2017

In this episode, I answer 4 listener questions.  If you have a question keeping you up at night and would like to be featured on the podcast, go to and record your question today.

1. How do you balance paying off your medical student loans, saving for retirement as a slightly older physician and rewarding yourself and your family?

2. How did you decide how much of your income to save each month? Did you both agree on the number right away or was there some compromise?

3. I have a friend that gives good financial advice. He is a fiduciary but I don’t pay him anything for his advice. Should I trust his advice or should I go find an actual fee only financial planner?

4. We are looking for a financial planner but we are confused on the differences between fee only and fee based financial planning. Which should we choose and why?

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