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Financial Residency

Feb 23, 2023

Competent handling of finances is not easy, especially for doctors working 24/7 on the clock.

But the truth is that we all have to get good at it. Whether because we have a debt to pay, a family to feed, or to survive the incoming recessions.

Our guest today, Dr. Caroline Clerisme specializes in just that with her company Doctors Out Of Debt - helping doctors take a hold of their existing debt and live financially stable lives.

But that's not all. Caroline is also the author of "Lily and the Talking Piggybank" a children's book about money.

According to her, we shouldn't leave the children out of the picture when talking about finances and educate them on the matter as early as possible.

On today's episode, we'll cover:
- How "Lily and the Talking Piggybank" was created.
- How to instill positive finance habits in your children.
- How to help them NOT repeat your mistakes.
- And much more content that we don't want to spoil you!