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Financial Residency

Apr 11, 2024

Jon from Contract Diagnostics highlights the risks associated with physician employment contracts, particularly emphasizing a case with a stark imbalance in termination notice periods and the risks during a probationary period. Physicians face unfair termination clauses, such as needing to provide 120 days' notice to leave, while employers can terminate with only 30 days' notice. Additionally, during a six-month probationary period, employers can terminate immediately without cause.

Jon advocates for mutual termination notice periods and suggests that contracts should offer safeguards like severance packages or compensation for unworked notice periods to mitigate the physician's risks. He underscores the importance of reviewing employment contracts carefully to avoid costly nuances and ensure they meet industry standards. 

Contract Diagnostics offers thorough reviews and educational resources to help physicians navigate these complex agreements.

Jon invites individuals to contact Contract Diagnostics through phone, chat, or email for personalized assistance, visit