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Financial Residency

Mar 25, 2022

Eric Gantwerker, MD, MS, MMSc (MedEd), FACS is a pediatric otolaryngologist at Cohen Children's Hospital at Northwell Health/Hofstra, associate professor of otolaryngology at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, and vice president, medical director at Level Ex. Level Ex is a medical video game company that utilizes game technology and psychology to create interactive educational experiences for healthcare professionals. As the medical director, he oversees all the medical and educational functions of the company including strategy, design and development, and efficacy studies.

We talk about video games, which is his favorite role-playing game and first-person shooter. OK, not really. We talk about the origin of Level-Ex, how he became a part of it, and the advantages of practicing challenging colonoscopies on your phone. 

Dr. Gantwerker holds a Master of Medical Science (MMSc) in medical education with a focus on educational technology, educational research, cognitive science of learning, and curriculum development from Harvard Medical School and a Master of Science in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown University. His clinical focus includes complex aerodigestive disorders, airway reconstruction, children with tracheostomies, persistent obstructive sleep apnea, and quality improvement.