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Financial Residency

Jun 6, 2024

This episode is brought to you by Equity Multiple. Dedicated to assisting physicians in simplifying their investment journey, Equity Multiple enables passive investment in vetted, professionally managed commercial real estate. Learn more at

In this episode, Jon from Contract Diagnostics addresses a physician's question about employment contracts with contracting entities. The discussion centers on hospitalists, specifically nocturnists, and the implications if a contracting entity's agreement with a hospital ends. 

Jon emphasizes the importance of understanding contract details, including the duration of contracts, non-compete clauses, tail insurance, and potential transitions to new employers. He highlights the need for thorough contract reviews and asking the right questions to ensure stability and clarity in employment situations. 

Jon reassures listeners that Contract Diagnostics is available to help with any contract-related concerns and provides resources for further inquiries.

Jon invites individuals to contact Contract Diagnostics through phone, chat, or email for personalized assistance, visit