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Financial Residency

Nov 17, 2023

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In this episode of "Coffee and Contracts," Jon from Contract Diagnostics discusses various aspects of signing bonuses, relocation amounts, and other upfront cash offered by employers to physicians.

He highlights the wide variation in these amounts and emphasizes the importance of understanding the repayment provisions associated with such bonuses. Jon explains that most contracts include clauses requiring repayment if the physician doesn't fulfill the agreed-upon employment term.

He details considerations such as the timing of bonus payments, repayment terms, interest, and forgiveness conditions. Jon encourages physicians to thoroughly understand the terms of such incentives to avoid potential complications and discusses how Contract Diagnostics can assist in contract review. 

The episode is made possible by Financial Residency, and Jon invites viewers to reach out for further assistance.

Jon invites individuals to contact Contract Diagnostics through phone, chat, or email for personalized assistance, visit